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Dear beautiful Sister!
You know it and I know it: IT. IS. TIME. Time to stop hiding (to yourself and others) the truth of who you TRULY are, time to claim, explore and use your powers and time to RISE above your modesty, excuses and fears and unapologetically SHINE your LIGHT! ALL of it. No more holding back! You, sharing your power, pleasure and purpose. Your wonderful, healthy way.

It’s inevitable and it’s beautiful: The RISE of the Divine Feminine. Bringing balance and love back into the world. And YES: you have an important role to play in this. In fact: this is why you came here! To liberate yourself and the planet from lies and fears and to embody the essence of LOVE. In your unique, beautiful, powerful and authentic way! You being YOU! Free and FULLY living and enjoying your life, rocking your light, your TRUTH, your feminine powers, your masculine powers, your business and your purpose! Authentically, abundantly and aligned!

Stepping into your power in these times of great awakening in yourself and in the world is exciting, but can also be intense, tiring, lonely, scary and confusing. Even though it might feel this way sometimes: YOU ARE NOT ALONE. There are many beautiful lightbeings out there (some visible with 2 eyes, others with the 3rd) that are here to join forces with you! That want you to THRIVE! And that want you to be who you came here to be. YOU (ALL of you!) ARE WANTED AND NEEDED.

Especially healing selflove and sisterhood is important in these times, so we release the destructive conditioning and finally stop rejecting, mistrusting and mistreating ourselves and each other! And start deeply honoring who we are and celebrating our gifts, so we actually dare to fully RISE UP! With authenticity, power, vulnerability, juice, fun and grace! And ofcourse with support of your amazing soultribe who have your back! It’s time to embody your inner QUEEN and share your authentic beauty, wisdom and gifts with the world. Honor and nourish that Queen! You deserve it. She will guide you to a wonderful fulfilling life! YOUR highest timeline. Let’s go! It’s time to lovingly claim Her.  𓆃

I am one of those supportive beings! I’m Aukje Peeters (36) Life-spirit-business mentor, women’s coach, (womb)healer, inspirator, singer, friend: here to SHINE and help other beautiful beings, especially women, SHINE their light! I help you feel inspired, connected, courageous, liberated, nourished, authentic, creative, supported and ON FIRE! So you’re empowered, excited and able to make the changes you’re here to make! LIVE LOVE.

After coaching groups of women for many years, I kept having visions of women’s retreats and the depth we could reach in those. After the first retreats being a huge succes that exceeded all expectations, I’m so excited to dive into the HEALING, TRANSFORMATIONAL and EMPOWERING magic of the next edition! This time in Bali! 27-28-29 September on a beautiful nourishing location surrounded by nature in Ubud called The Shala. Every day we dive deep from 10:00 – 18:00. I can already feel the beauty and power unfolding. I can’t wait to go on this beautiful journey with you!!!


“I believe every woman should experience this!”

“This is better than years of therapy!”

“I finally found my power and tribe!”

What you get:

  • 3 day deepdive in Selflove, Sisterhood & Shining your Light!
  • deep awakening & nourishment of the soul
  • uncovering and claiming your aligned leadership, power and purpose
  • a sacred, safe space to be, heal, explore and to blossom
  • reconnecting with your inner priestess, shaman, witch, tantrica, lioness, wolf and whatever else wants to show up!
  • feminine embodiment practices
  • delicious healthy nourishing food (lunch + snacks)
  • a beautiful location in nature with a rice-field view and pool
  • reclamation journey & sound healing
  • cacao ceremony
  • voice & dance liberation
  • deep healing sessions
  • empowering photoshoot
  • sisterhood healing and support
  • a life changing experience 
  • and so much more..! Let the magic of the Divine Feminine unfold!
  • (optional: a room including breakfast at the location)



This is a special offering for the first editions of this retreat here in Bali.
(for reference: this retreat used to be €1111 – €1500)

Early-bird price is €444 – then it becomes €555.

If you’d like to book a room including breakfast: there are rooms for 56 USD and rooms for 88 USD per night.
If you have a sister that you want to share the room with, that’s possible.


We are the ones we’ve been waiting for.
We have the power and we’re allowed to claim and use it.
With a wide open heart I invite you to RISE UP!
The authentic and aligned, feminine way.
It’s the biggest gift to yourself and the world.

If not now, when? It would be an honor and pleasure to have you there, sister!

If you have questions:
Don’t be shy to send me a message!
instagram: @aukje.bohemianrebels
what’s app: +31645067398

Lots of Love,
Aukje Peeters